UCR411a Digital Hybrid Wireless Compact Receiver (Block 21: 537 to 563 MHz)

From Lectrosonics | Model #: LEUCR411A21
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UCR411a Digital Hybrid Wireless Compact Receiver (Block 21: 537 to 563 MHz)

Product Description

The UCR411a Digital Hybrid Wireless Compact Receiver from Lectrosonics is a portable, camera mountable receiver designed for professional outdoor or indoor audio applications. It can be used when paired with a transmitter and microphone to capture audio for ENG (electronic news gathering), and EFP (electronic field production) functions, and more.

All settings are made from the front panel with an LCD interface, making the unit ideal for use in Quad Paks, on sound carts, in portable bags, and in rackmount multi-couplers. The receiver is compatible with all 400 series wireless transmitters and provides 256 selectable UHF frequencies across a 25.6 MHz tuning range. SmartDiversity reception reduces RF interference and dropout and a built-in RF spectrum analyzer searches across the entire 25.6 MHz tuning range, locating the strongest possible frequencies in the area.

Furthermore, a balanced XLR output provides maximum output gain with minimal noise and the receiver is powered by two internal 9V batteries or external DC power supply. The machined aluminum housing and panels are surfaced with electrostatic powder-coated and anodized finishes with laser etched markings to withstand the rigors of field production.

RF Carrier Frequency Range Block 21: 537 to 563 MHz
Frequency Adjustment Range 25.5 MHz in 100 kHz steps
Type of Receiver Triple conversion, superheterodyne, 244 MHz, 10.7 MHz, and 300 kHz
Frequency Stability ?0.001%
Front End Bandwidth ?5.5 MHz @ -3 dB
Sensitivity 20 dB Sinad: 0.9 uV (-108 dBm), A weighted
60 dB Quieting: 1.12 uV (-105 dBm), A weighted
Squelch Quieting Greater than 100 dB
AM Rejection Greater than 60 dB, 2 uV to 1 V (undetectable after processing)
Modulation Acceptance 85 kHz
Image and Spurious Rejection 85 dB
Third Order Intercept +8 dBm
Diversity Method Phased antenna combining SmartDiversity
FM Detector Digital Pulse Counting Detector operating at 300 kHz
Antenna Inputs Dual BNC female, 50-Ohm impedance
Audio Outputs Rear Panel XLR: Adjustable from -50 dBu to +5 dBu in 1 dB steps
Calibrated into a typical 10-kOhm balanced load
Can drive 600-Ohm load
Front Controls & Indicators
LCD Display Main Window: Pilot tone, antenna phase, receiver battery level, transmitter battery status, audio level, and RF level
Frequency Window: Frequency, TV channel, and Transmitter switch setting
Audio Output Level Adjustment: -50 dBu to +5 dBu
Battery Level Tracking: Receiver and transmitter (9 V battery) in 1/10th V steps, accuracy ±0.2 V
Transmitter (AA battery) x.xxV format, accuracy ±0.05 V
Timer option available when transmitter battery is set to NiMH
Scanning Mode: Coarse and fine modes for RF spectrum site scanning
Audio Test Tone: 1 kHz, -50 dBu to +5 dBu output, < 1% THD
Transmitter Battery Type Selection: 9 V alkaline, 9 V lithium, AA alkaline, AA lithium, and NiMH
Phase Invert: Audio output phase normal or inverted
SmartNR (Noise Reduction): OFF, normal, and full modes (available in 400 Series mode only)
Audio Performance (Overall System)
Frequency Response 32 Hz to 20 kHz (?1 dB)
THD 0.2% (typical)
SNR at Receiver Output SmartNR Off: No limiting 103.5 dB, w/limiting 108.5 dB
Normal: No limiting 107.0, w/limiting 111.5 dB
Full: No limiting 108.5, w/limiting 113.0 dB
Input Dynamic Range 125 dB (with full Tx limiting)
Rear Panel XLR audio output jack, External DC input, and battery compartment access
Power Options Ext DC: Minimum 10 V to maximum 18 VDC, 1.6 W, 180 mA at 12 VDC
Internal Battery: 2 x 9 V alkaline or lithium (165 mA @ 9 V, 240 mA @ 6 V)
Battery Life 9 V Alkaline: 6 to 8 hours continuous, up to 12 hours intermittent
9 V Lithium: Up to 20 hours (continuous and intermittent usage are the same)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 3.2 x 1.3 x 4.6" / 8.2 x 3.2 x 11.8 cm
Weight 14.0 oz / 396.9 g (with batteries)